The Brierdene is a small coastal dene, on the northern edge of Whitley Bay, the site is of ecological significance in the local area.

It has managed to avoid agricultural and urban development and was probably once wooded, but tree felling and replanting have occurred in the past.

It covers an area of over 5 hectares and contains neutral semi-improved grassland and scrub habitat, which support a variety of flowering and non-flowering plants, birds, mammals and invertebrates. 

The banksides of the dene contain one of the best examples of semi natural grassland in North Tyneside, with small areas of base flush meadows. 

The dene is also a locally important site for coastal migrants, mammals, herb rich banksides and a number of butterfly species.

It is surrounded by housing on both the northern and southern sides, and by two roads on its eastern and western sides.

The natural aspect of this site has been retained, even with urban development.

The lower dene is enclosed on its eastern and western sides by two embankments; the Brierdene Burn watercourse enters and leaves the lower dene via culverts in these embankments.

Its value in conservation terms is recognised in the desination as a Local Wildlife Site, it was originally designated as an SNCI (Site of Nature Conservation Importance) in Octiber 1992, and is exemplified by the rich diversity of flora and fauna present in the site.

Throughout the year over 300 recorded trees, wild flowers, grasses and herbs can be seen in the dene.

With over half of these flowering during the spring and summer months.

In the Brierdene Wildlife Site

1083 different species have been recorded including


332 species of Plants and Trees, 126 species of Birds, 21 species of Butterfly,

171 species of Moths and Miners, 17 species of Bees, 9 species of Ladybirds,

46 species of Fungi, 121 species of Mosses, Lichens and Liverworts

and 36 species of Spiders

Along with 204 other species that Creep, Crawl, Swim or Fly



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The Brierdene