This page will contain photos and information on all the New Species.

If we run out of new species we will use this page to display information on some of the species found in the Dene.

Total Number of Recorded Species in the Brierdene  30/06/2021

 Groups  Number
  Bats    3
  Bugs & Beatles    55
    Bumblebees - Bees - Solitary Bees    17
Butterflies    21
   Centipedes & Millipedes
Crustaceans    5
   Dragonflies    6
Fish and Amphibians    5
  Flies    61
  Fungi    46
Harvestman    2
  Ladybirds    9
Mammals    12
  Molluscs    10
Lichen, Liverworts Mosses and Slime
  Moths & Miners   170
  Plants, Bushes & Trees    332
  Reptiles     1
  Wasps    11
 Worms    11

Patchwork Leafcutter Bee 

Megachile cetuncularis

The patchwork leaf-cutter bee looks like a dark honey bee, but the underside of its abdomen is orange. It is best recognised by its habit of carrying pieces of leaf back to its nest.


The species is widely spread across western Europe between Finland, Lithuania and Spain, including Britain and Ireland. In Britain it is one of the most commonly recorded leafcutter species.

Found in a variety of habitats where there is suitable nesting and foraging.

From Mid-June through July and into early August


Flowers visited Bellflowers, Bird’s-foot-trefoils, Thistles and Brambles are all visited

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