This page will contain photos and information on all the New Species.

If we run out of new species we will use this page to display information on some of the species found in the Dene.

Total Number of Recorded Species in the Brierdene  30/06/2020

 Groups  Number
  Bats    3
  Bugs & Beatles    52
    Bumblebees - Bees - Solitary Bees    15
Butterflies    21
   Centipedes & Millipedes
Crustaceans    5
   Dragonflies    6
Fish and Amphibians    5
  Flies    55
  Fungi    43
Harvestman    2
  Ladybirds    8
Mammals    12
  Molluscs    10
Lichen, Liverworts Mosses and Slime
  Moths & Miners   170
  Plants, Bushes & Trees    329
  Reptiles     1
  Wasps    10
 Worms    11

Hairy Tare - Vicia hirsuta

It is also called hairy vetch or tiny vetch

Hairy tare is a scrambling annual, native in grassy places and rough ground throughout lowland Britain and is a weed of cultivated land. There is evidence that hairy tare was a weed of crops in the Iron Age.

Short to medium hairy plant, with small whitish flowers, with a pale lilac tinge, 2 to 4 mm in length.


Found in dry grassy places, rough grassland, roadside verges, from  May to August.


Common throughout Britain except for parts of northern Scotland.

This was found near the fence between the Briar Dene pub and the approach road.

The only reason it was sighted was that the grass in this section has not been cut this year.

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